Elevator Control Panel

Elevator Control Panel

We offer a decentralized elevator control panel. The call service, up to 32 floors, is done with
a selective up-and-down collective service that includes analysis, detection and managing of
up and down peak situations. The calls distribution in the battery, up to 6 elevators, is done based on fuzzy logic algorithms.

It must be mentioned, as a significant feature, that all services normally considered as additional ones (independent service, lift attendant, fire, firefighters, emergency, inspection, minimum load, full load and overload, etc.) are included in the base control. There is also a historic fault register so as to make it easier to detect them.

The equipment has a distributed intelligence that allows the minimization of hanging and shaft cables, which are handed in pre-assembled. There is a serial communication to the landing, car and accessories via CANBUS. The supervisory panel is via Ethernet.

  • -Compatible with AC, 3VF, DC Drives and hydraulic elevators up to 32 stops.

  • -Work in up/down collective and full collective systems in groups up to 6 elevators.

  • -Landing boards for floor managment.

  • -Serial communication with car and landing units via CANbus. Supervisory Panel via Ethernet.

  • -Car position data by encoder or by magnetic switches.

  • -Store errors with date, time and stop number for malfunction tracking.

  • -Door pre-opening and relevelling. Door control: AC, DC or 3VF.

  • -Fully programmable. 8 outputs for contactors and 2 outputs free for application on main and car boards.

  • -Supervisory Panel based PC, monitoring and control sofware state of the art. Web Server included.

  • -Services: independent service, fire service, fireman service, inspection service, emergency call, minimun load, full load, overload.

  • -Full conformance to EN 81-1 and EN 81-2.

Infrared Light Curtain

Infrared Light Curtain

The infrared barrier Rayce is the perfect ally for the physical integrity of the passenger and his or her belongings. Its infrared light beams field ensures the immediate reopening of doors whenever an obstacle is detected, even the smallest ones. The equipment does not need any kind of calibration or adjustment, as these are carried out automatically and autonomously through the circuit’s logic (Fuzzy logic). It has a smart adaptive control that compensates alignment changes and eliminates external lighting and electric disruptions, thus sharply increasing the lifetime of its components and achieving an opening of over 3500 mm.

Soft Starter. AC & Hidráulics

Soft Starter

The controlled starter system RAYCE has a series of significant features that make it ideal to be added to any asynchronous motor that, due to its characteristics, cannot be started directly from the net.

It replaces many electromechanic and electronic components, making it more reliable as a whole. It reduces the current’s peak during the motor or pump’s starting, increasing the lifetime of all the components involved.

Access Control. Floor & Car Dispacth

Access Control

Safety is a much appreciated added value in the vertical transport systems. We offer the possibility of adding a flexible access control to any new or existing installation, adapted to each necessity. Our system accepts all the identification alternatives. The system allows a 32-floor encoding without any users limit.

There is also a 1 output version to be applied to the landing’s call button panel.

We offer the next choices:

  • -Mini Keyboard

  • -Proximity Card

  • -Touch Button

  • -Biometric Identification

Lift Display System

Lift Display System

By means of this system, the actual situation of the elevator is informed (floor, pre-direction, type of service), thus permitting a more efficient use. Thanks to its small dimensions, that include three dot-matrix displays or LCD panel, it can be installed in a simple operation, not only on the landing’s door lintel but also within the car’s call button panel. We have an autonomous version to be installed in existing elevators independently of the elevator control panel.

Load Measuring System

Load Measuring System

It is an electronic system that measures the weight automatically, based on load sensors. Its purpose is to measure and inform, constantly and automatically, about the load weight undergone by the elevator, and whenever it surpasses any of its three selected levels modify the service structure (minimum load, full load) or prevent the elevator from starting (overload) when the allowed limits are surpassed.

Optional we offer a visual indicators (LEDs) or speech synthesis, to report the load situation in the cabin.


  • -Reduces the chances of accidents due excessive demand on materials.

  • -Minimizes the wear of bearings, transmission systems, structure and mechanical braking devices.

  • -In combination with the calling control, the load limiter works by preventing the unnecessary stops of the elevator once it is complete, optimizing overall system performance. This option eliminates the problems of congestion at peak hours in most facilities with highly directional traffic.

Voice Annoucement System

Voice Annoucement System

The versatility, provisions and low cost of our voice landing announcement line makes it ideal to be added to any new or already-installed elevator control panel (electronic or electromechanic), in order to complement the car’s display system, thus upgrading the installation and taking into account users with special abilities. There is also an autonomous version to be installed independently of the elevator’s control panel.